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Hood rappers 2018

In this edition of “Talking Points,” producer and beat maker Kaytranada talks about his grooves, his influences, and his upbringing,…

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+ Read more on Flypaper: Thinking of touring to the great white Canadian north? Here’s our guide to the best venues,…

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2020 nea global fellowship

Founded in 1939, BMI is the largest PRO in the US, and represents over 900,000 songwriters, composers and publishers. The…

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After this case, Fogerty filed a countersuit against Zaentz to cover his attorneys’ fees. This case went to the Supreme…

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All rappers names

If you’re an indie touring musician who’s used to a certain type of environment, and you still need some convincing,…

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Nea our town grant recipients 2018

Be careful here. Don’t turn it up too loud and fool yourself into liking the result just because it’s louder….

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Some examples of past sessions include adding production magic to your tracks, arranging and finishing musical ideas, producing an EP,…

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We cover a lot of musical topics between the editorial content here on Flypaper, our newsletter Soundfly Weekly, our mentored online courses, and our…

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Top 50 greatest rappers of all time list

The video for “In the 1970’s” (above) is brilliant. Have you always felt free to incorporate humor into your work?…

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But if you’re just getting started with plugins and don’t want to invest in stuff you’re not sure you’ll use just yet,…